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Ep. 101/102


Sue Thomas (Deanne Bray) is a somewhat sheltered young deaf woman who has recently graduated from college and is about to ...


Ep. 103

Bombs Away

Fresh back from Quantico training, Sue’s first FBI assignment thrusts her into the high stakes, high-pressure world of i...


Ep. 104


Sue is swept into the maelstrom of a dangerous assignment when the FBI has to protect a visiting dignitary who has been ta...


Ep. 105

A Snitch in Time

Sue cultivates her first informant who just might lead her from a small time smuggling case to a big time highway robbery ...


Ep. 106

The Signing

Sue is called upon to use her skills with American sign language (ASL) when questioning Troy (Deaf actor Troy Kotsur), an ...


Ep. 107

Blast from the Past

Dimitrius faces a crisis point in his marriage and his career when he and his family are stalked by a recently released ar...


Ep. 108

Silent Night

Sue’s parents come to visit for the holidays and, while Sue and her mother both want the perfect Christmas, they have di...


Ep. 109


When Sue uncovers corruption at a powerful corporation, she persuades a frightened employee to work with the FBI in making...


Ep. 110

Diplomatic Immunity

Bobby rescues a woman from a vicious attack – but his noble action threatens to end his career when the attacker turns o...


Ep. 111

Dirty Bomb

Sue and the team receive information a “Dirty Bomb” has been smuggled into the country. Knowing thousands of innocent ...


Ep. 112

The Heist

When an armored truck disappears into thin air, Jack and the other agents must track down the missing 2.4 million dollars ...


Ep. 113

The Leak

What looks like a routine SWAT takedown of a terrorism suspect turns into a potentially deadly ambush of our people. Myles...


Ep. 114


The F.B.I. team’s favorite waitress goes missing – but what seems like a possible kidnapping case becomes even more co...


Ep. 115

Prodigal Father

Bobby is in for an emotional upheaval when his wayward father comes back into his life with a very surprising proposition....


Ep. 116

He Said, She Said

Sue’s special skill of lipreading lands her on an FBI/DEA task force – but when an unexpected turn of events occurs, s...


Ep. 117

The Hunter

A request from Charlie spurs Sue and Myles to investigate a cab driver’s murder. But their case takes an unexpected twis...


Ep. 118

The Fugitive

Our team goes into high gear when a violent fugitive escapes from a prison van and heads straight for D.C. Meanwhile, Sue ...


Ep. 119

Billy The Kid

When Jack’s former mentor, a federal judge, is shot, the investigation leads Jack to a disturbing discovery involving th...


Ep. 120

The Girl Who Signed Wolf

When a young deaf girl reports a kidnapping, a sympathetic Sue checks out her story – only to discover the girl may not ...


Ep. 121

The Sniper

Sue and the team are thrust into a pressure packed case when they determine seemingly random shootings in D.C. are the wor...


Ep. 122

Homeland Security

When Myles’ prized painting is discovered to be a forgery, it becomes his all-consuming mission to personally track down...


Ep. 201

Cold Case

Sue tries to honor a dying woman’s request that her daughter’s killer be brought to justice – but makes a disturbing...


Ep. 202

The Newlywed Game

In an effort to get close to a suburban husband and wife suspected of having terrorist ties, Sue and Jack go undercover as...


Ep. 203

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Sue must use her cultivated friendship with the wife of a missing terrorist to help the FBI find him before he makes good ...


Ep. 204

Bad Hair Day

Sue witnesses Tara shoot a robber – but as they deal with the emotional aftermath, they learn someone has vowed vengea...


Ep. 205

Political Agenda

When a journalist is murdered, Sue, Jack and the FBI team are called in to work the high-profile case – but is outside p...


Ep. 206

The Gambler

Sue’s dependence on her hearing dog Levi is threatened when Levi gets lost – and a devastated Sue must face the possib...


Ep. 207

Into Thin Air

Sue’s next assignment hits closer to home – when she is called in to investigate a kidnapping of a deaf student. In th...


Ep. 208

To Grandmother’s House W

Sue and Lucy take in Lucy’s grandmother after con men swindle the elderly woman out of her house – and set up a sting ...


Ep. 209

The Lawyer

Sue and the FBI team capture an Al Qaeda leader planning an attack in D.C. But when a lawyer files a civil right violation...


Ep. 210

The Holocaust Survivor

Sue and Jack investigate the claim of a Deaf holocaust survivor (guest star Tony Award winner Phyllis Frelich) who insis...


Ep. 211

The Mentor

Sue meets Jack and Bobby’s FBI Mentor (guest star Bruce Weitz) when he brings the team in on a case to sting a North Ko...


Ep. 212

Rocket Man

Sue and Dimitrius put an operative in the field to take down an illegal arms sale – but when the encounter gives t...


Ep. 213

Elvis Is In The Building

Sue and the team must infiltrate an Asian gang, requiring Bobby to go undercover at the gang leader’s nightclub – as a...


Ep. 214

Hit & Run

When the members of a think tank are found dead, Sue and the team track down the sole survivor – but is he a possible fu...


Ep. 215

Concrete Evidence

When Sue and the team get a new lead in an old case involving the murder of a fellow agent, Jack vows to avenge his frie...


Ep. 216

The Kiss

When Myles’ sister’s law firm is suspected of being dirty, Jack and Sue go undercover as lawyer and assistant to find ...


Ep. 217

Adventures In Babysitting

When Sue’s snitch Howie witnesses a murder, Sue and Jack go undercover to investigate a possible mob connection. But Bob...


Ep. 218

The Body Shop

When Sue and the team discover a cache of illegal VISAs, they track the makers to the ‘black market’ – only to make ...


Ep. 219

Skin Deep

Sue and the team get word about an upcoming act of Eco-terrorism – and, in order to prevent it, find themselves working ...


Ep. 220

The New Mafia

Sue goes undercover with Tony, a visiting FBI agent, in order to infiltrate a mafia family. But Jack becomes concerned bec...


Ep. 221

The Actor

Sue and the team are ‘shadowed’ by an actor as he prepares for his next movie role, an FBI agent. Sue and Jack work wi...


Ep. 222

Planes, Trains & Automobi

Sue and the team track a missing 727 airplane and three missing gasoline tankers in a race against the clock to stop an im...


Ep. 301

Simon Says

When Sue and the FBI team track a serial murderer whose victims are powerful and successful women, Sue finds herself match...


Ep. 302

Did She or Didn’t She?

Sue is thrilled to reconnect with a Deaf woman who is an up and coming sculptor. But when the woman becomes a murder suspe...


Ep. 303

The Fraternity

Sue and the rest of the team investigate the death of a prominent Senator’s son during a college fraternity hazing. But ...


Ep. 304

Secret Agent Man

When a mysterious photo memory stick is delivered to the FBI, Sue and the team must unravel its secrets, leading them on a...


Ep. 305

Spy Games

Sue becomes the only link between the FBI team and a rogue British agent with amnesia – but is the agent remembering mor...


Ep. 306

Boy Meets World

When Sue, Jack and the team investigate a bomb explosion at a restaurant, they discover the only survivor – and witness ...


Ep. 307

False Profit

Sue and Jack investigate the kidnapping of a young woman – but when they track down the kidnapper, they find themselves ...


Ep. 308

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

When a drug-laden plane crashes outside of D.C., Sue and the team must track down the drug smugglers – but has someone b...


Ep. 309

The Bounty Hunter

When Sue and the team search for the source of a new designer drug, they cross paths with a win-at-all-costs Bounty Hunter...


Ep. 310

Troy Story

Sue is shocked to discover her friend Troy (Deaf actor – and Deanne Bray’s real-life husband – Troy Kotsur) has been...


Ep. 311

Mind Games

Sue and the team are approached by a woman who claims she’s witnessed a murder – but the case is turned on its head wh...


Ep. 312

Bad Girls

While investigating a bank robbery, Sue and the team discover it was robbed five years ago – has the robber returned to ...


Ep. 313

Endings and Beginnings

Sue is offered an exciting new high-profile job at the FBI – but is torn when she realizes it means leaving her FBI team...


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    Dove Family Approved

    Red Carpet Award
    Women in Theatre
    Deanne Bray

    Red Carpet Award Deanne Bray

    Voice Award Winner Voice Award
    Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye “Mind Games”

    Voice Award Winner

    The Ware Foundation Libertas Prize
    Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye “Endings and Beginnings”

    Libertas Prize The Ware Foundation

    Teddy Award
    Deanne Bray “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye”

    Teddy Award Winner Deanne Bray

    Media Access Award Sue ThomasMedia Access Award
    Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

    Media Access Award

    Epiphany Prize NomineeEpiphany Prize Nominee
    Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye “Bad Hair Day”

    Epiphany Prize Nominee Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye “Bad Hair Day”

    Angel Award
    Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye
    “He Said, She Said”

    Angel Film Award Winner

    Family Leadership Award
    Executive Producer
    Dave Johnson

    Family Leadership Award Executive Producer – Dave Johnson

    Gabriel Award
    Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals
    Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

    Gabriel Award Winner Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals

    Seal of Approval – Parents Television Council – Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

    Seal of Approval Parents Television Council

    Epiphany Prize NomineeEpiphany Prize Nominee – Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye “Pilot”

    Epiphany Prize Nominee

    Young Artist Awards Nomination for Best Family Television Series (Drama)

    Young Artist Award 2006 Nominated

    Actress Deanne Bray Won the MovieGuide “Grace Award” for Inspiring Acting in Movies & Television

    The Grace Awards 2006 Won

    DGC Craft Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Television Series for episode “Simon Says“.

    Directors Guild of Canada Nominated

    See What Viewers Are Saying:

    by Erika Pankratz on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
    A magnificent show

    I watched this show from the start and fell in love with it. It has good story lines and is very family friendly. Wish it lasted longer or could come back.

    by Illya Leonov on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
    Television at its finest

    I fell in love with this show from the very first episode, which is rare for me. The cast is simply the most wonderful ensemble, and there is a love that shines through from Deanne Bray that I have never seen in any other actress. The high point of my year would be if this series was returned to television.

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