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I am excited to announce a new movie I directed titled Coffee Shop. As the creator of Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, I truly believe all our great fans will also love Coffee Shop! I know I love them both! Dave Alan Johnson

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    Check out the critics’ raves!

    See what critics all over are saying about this acclaimed family friendly series!


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    Dove Family Approved

    Voice Award Winner Voice Award
    Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye “Mind Games”

    Voice Award


    The Ware Foundation Libertas Prize
    Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye “Endings and Beginnings”

    Libertas Prize

    The Ware Foundation

    Seal of Approval – Parents Television Council – Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

    Seal of Approval

    Parents Television Council

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    I give… LTS!!!! Love this show!

    I love this show! My sister and I love watching it together while we do crafts or eat popcorn- it gives us quality family time (to a certain point.. :D) and tons of laughter and suspense. We love quoting lines from the characters- we would love it if you made more!!!!


    I just finished watching Sue Thomas for the first time. When I watch the last episode make me so sad 🙁 that is an excellent show. Thank you so much for those who have produced it. It has not been 10 years since the show left the air. I think it is time for the 10 year reunion, with a new series that follows. However, if the actress who created Sue Thomas is involved with raising her family, I can understand why she has waited. There is nothing more important than families. I

    by Noregon on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye

    One of the best shows ever! The cast is wonderful and Deanne Bray is fabulous. The writing is what really makes this show such a top notch classic. The cast just fleshes out excellent writing. I would hope that the Johnson Brothers would write more of this kind of high quality scripts.

    by Annemarie on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye

    I simply love this show. It’s a wonderful show. Just Great and I’m so glad with the internet because that’s the only way for me to be able to follow anything regarding this show. Here in The Netherlands it isn’t on TV anymore and the DVD’s are not available for Europe, I keep hoping that will change in the near future.

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