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by Erika Pankratz on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
A magnificent show

I watched this show from the start and fell in love with it. It has good story lines and is very family friendly. Wish it lasted longer or could come back.

by Illya Leonov on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Television at its finest

I fell in love with this show from the very first episode, which is rare for me. The cast is simply the most wonderful ensemble, and there is a love that shines through from Deanne Bray that I have never seen in any other actress. The high point of my year would be if this series was returned to television.

by Naomi Jossund on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
A+!!! Absolutely Excellent!!!

WE LOVE SUE THOMAS F.B.Eye!!! My family and I fell completely in love with the show from the very first episode! The characters, the spell-binding stories, and the honest “family-friendly” values, work so well together to make this show a favorite in our house. Our DVDs have been watched and re-watched so many times; we can quote entire episodes! Fantastic job! We want more! :)

by hawk-Sniper on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Awesome show miss watching it

i love this show Sue Thomas FB eye
it earns 5 stars for the awesome show
truth is i miss watching it :)

by Amanda Collins on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
More Please!!

Please bring back this show. Start with a made for TV movie to update us on the years we missed, (like Jack and Sue getting married and having kids maybe); what me and every other fan wants. We need more family friendly shows with Christian values. My family loves this show and it never gets old, I can watch it over and over and I love it. Thank you.

by Robyn Glaser on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Encore! Please!

Sue Thomas: FBEye is our family’s favorite series if all time. We are hoping and praying EVERYONE will reunite for an encore sequel series that will once again bring us a fabulous, faith-based, fun, family-friendly television program to watch. Great programming like ST:FBEye is rarer than rubies. Thank you!


I love this show and just started getting the dvds. I am a Christian and a mother of 3 and would let my kids watch this show anytime. I would love to see this show back on or a made for tv movie. I think it ended too soon, it was such a shame too bc a lot of people was really into it. I think if you bring the show back, all the fans would like to see Jack and Sue together. It was so obvious that they loved each other, I mean just look at how they look and react to each other, especially when they were out with other people. I know the real Sue Thomas never got married but since it is just inspired by her story I think the writers and creators have (what’s it called, creators rights). Almost like Little House how it was based on the life of Laura Ingalls but when it went to TV they had use their creative rights to make it more interesting and in some cases make it better. So with that said, the show can come back with Jack and Sue married with a couple of kids, That would be so awesome and make a lot of fans happy, happy, happy.

by Meghan Bullock on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Best Show Ever!

I am a 15 year old girl and absolutely love,love,love this show!!!!!! Its my favorite show and although I have seen all the episodes, it never gets boring!!!! I love how it is Christian based and it is clean of bad language. You don’t see very many shows like that anymore. Me and my friends love to watch Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye all the time! Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye is such an inspiring show! I love it! Always have and always will! And I hope it comes back!!!!!! We all miss it! Like many others, I hope Jack and Sue also will admit their feelings to each other if there is more of the show!!!!!

by John Canipe on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Nothing today touches this!

Excellent show the whole family loved to watch together! It has a little of everything, humor, suspense, mystery, action, intrigue! I let a coworker borrow it and they ordered a set for their family! I’ll me getting more for gifts! I wish they had family friendly shows like this today!

by Carolyn king on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Sue Thomas FBI

Watching my dvds Thai I purchased on line, Wish that this five star show would come back!

I love this serial

I love this a serial.
Excellent actors, moving, true story.
The only pity is that so far there are only three series,i hope that this will soon change.
But otherwise not a very good serial = 100%.
Good luck in the future!
It’s just the best a serial!
David (CZE)


Love, love, love this show!! My family borrowed the dvds from friends and absolutely fell in love with it! They bring such positive entertainment that is so all around amazing! I wish there would be more!

by Irene Nigh on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Amazing enterment

What an excellent program. There is laughter, tears, excitement, love & much more. I have watched all the shows & couldn’t have enjoyed them more. All the actors are so good & all need an Oscar!! Most T.V shows are crude, violent & not worth watching. I look forward to more re-runs.

Irene Nigh

Bring It Back!

I am a 16 year old girl and my family used to watch this series all the time while it was airing on TV. We have recently ordered the series on DVD and have fallen in love with it all over again. Each character is unique and special in their own way, and the actors could not have been cast more perfectly. We love Levi and Jack and Sue……it would be amazing for them to finally get together. When the series suddenly ended, we were very much saddened and disappointed. The entire family felt that it did not get a proper ending. We have heard that a movie is being considered and we would love for that to happen…..not only for Jack and Sue to finally admit their feelings (hint, hint), but to get to see the amazing Christian values portrayed once again.

Brilliant and funny!

This show is amazing!!! Have watched the series over and over! It is funny, witty, exciting, adventurous and romantic all in one! The characters are great with amazing chemistry and Levi is just the best! This show is also inspiring as we are learning sign language at the same time and hope to continue to learn such a passionate and diversity language! We can’t wait for the movie to tie up all the story lines!

Clean, Funny, Amazing!!!

Amazing!!!!! We love it!!! The best show EVER!!!! They did an amazing job in choosing the characters, and it is the cleanest, wittiest, most captivating show ever. and it is easy for our family to watch because it is not bloody, overly romantic, and no language. It is a great family show. Thanks for all the hard work put into it! The actors really seem to love what they do, and it shows!!!


I LOVE this show! Discovered the Pilot that started it all on the INSP channel earlier in the year, and the series plays out on the BYU channel. It is entertaining, smart, funny, and … could go on and on. Good story lines without the violence and gore on other shows. Thanks for being so smart when it comes to writing and producing wholesome, entertainment. The acting is incredible and the cast well matched. Love the signing and … won’t forget Levi. Sweet dog! Wish this series was still on. But, glad to know a movie is in the works. Same cast?

by Caro Anderson on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Entertainment as it should be!

Just saw the pilot & was very impressed: I love shows based on real people (those of us encumbered with hearing have alot to learn) and I always loved the fictional-but-fun series “Scarecrow & Mrs. King” that this reminded me of. “Mrs. King” of course was your not-so-everyday-housewife and Sue Thomas is perhaps not your every day deaf woman… but there’s an engaging element of truth to both, that when you expect more of yourself you just might find it. Did I mention I’m an animal & dog-lover too? Hugs to the real Sue Thomas, & thank you for sharing your story.

by Sherry Strecker on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Sue Thomas FBEye Series

I just submitted a review and how could I have NEGLECTED to mention Levi…..he was one of the most delightful pooches ever to grace the TV screen. I understand that he passed away shortly after the series ended, and I shed a tear when I learned of that…..Levi was (and still is) special. I have a great fondness for all animals, especially dogs, and I founded our local humane society in 1973 (which is still going strong). Levi brought so much to the series.

by Sherry Strecker on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Sue Thomas FBEye series

This is one of the most heart-warming, delightful TV series I’ve ever seen and am so glad to have the entire series to watch at my leisure…..Deanne Bray is very heartwarming and brings so much feeling to the character of Sue Thomas……and even though I have the series to watch whenever, I still watch it twice a day on FamilyNet and BYUTV…..I’m sorry they didn’t allow Sue and Jack to get together.
We certainly need more TV programs like this….

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