PilotBottom Image Fade

Ep. 101/102 - Pilot

Sue Thomas (Deanne Bray) is a somewhat sheltered young deaf wo...

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Bombs AwayBottom Image Fade

Ep. 103 - Bombs Away

Fresh back from Quantico training, Sue’s first FBI assignmen...

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AssassinsBottom Image Fade

Ep. 104 - Assassins

Sue is swept into the maelstrom of a dangerous assignment when...

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A Snitch in TimeBottom Image Fade

Ep. 105 - A Snitch in Time

Sue cultivates her first informant who just might lead her fro...

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The SigningBottom Image Fade

Ep. 106 - The Signing

Sue is called upon to use her skills with American sign langua...

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Blast from the PastBottom Image Fade

Ep. 107 - Blast from the Past

Dimitrius faces a crisis point in his marriage and his career ...

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Silent NightBottom Image Fade

Ep. 108 - Silent Night

Sue’s parents come to visit for the holidays and, while Sue ...

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GreedBottom Image Fade

Ep. 109 - Greed

When Sue uncovers corruption at a powerful corporation, she pe...

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Diplomatic ImmunityBottom Image Fade

Ep. 110 - Diplomatic Immunity

Bobby rescues a woman from a vicious attack – but his noble ...

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Dirty BombBottom Image Fade

Ep. 111 - Dirty Bomb

Sue and the team receive information a “Dirty Bomb” has be...

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The HeistBottom Image Fade

Ep. 112 - The Heist

When an armored truck disappears into thin air, Jack and the o...

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The LeakBottom Image Fade

Ep. 113 - The Leak

What looks like a routine SWAT takedown of a terrorism suspect...

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MissingBottom Image Fade

Ep. 114 - Missing

The F.B.I. team’s favorite waitress goes missing – but wha...

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Prodigal FatherBottom Image Fade

Ep. 115 - Prodigal Father

Bobby is in for an emotional upheaval when his wayward father ...

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He Said, She SaidBottom Image Fade

Ep. 116 - He Said, She Said

Sue’s special skill of lipreading lands her on an FBI/DEA ta...

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The HunterBottom Image Fade

Ep. 117 - The Hunter

A request from Charlie spurs Sue and Myles to investigate a ca...

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The FugitiveBottom Image Fade

Ep. 118 - The Fugitive

Our team goes into high gear when a violent fugitive escapes f...

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Billy The KidBottom Image Fade

Ep. 119 - Billy The Kid

When Jack’s former mentor, a federal judge, is shot, the inv...

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The Girl Who Signed WolfBottom Image Fade

Ep. 120 - The Girl Who Signed Wo...

When a young deaf girl reports a kidnapping, a sympathetic Sue...

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The SniperBottom Image Fade

Ep. 121 - The Sniper

Sue and the team are thrust into a pressure packed case when t...

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Homeland SecurityBottom Image Fade

Ep. 122 - Homeland Security

When Myles’ prized painting is discovered to be a forgery, i...

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Cold CaseBottom Image Fade

Ep. 201 - Cold Case

Sue tries to honor a dying woman’s request that her daughter...

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The Newlywed GameBottom Image Fade

Ep. 202 - The Newlywed Game

In an effort to get close to a suburban husband and wife suspe...

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Breaking Up Is Hard To DoBottom Image Fade

Ep. 203 - Breaking Up Is Hard To...

Sue must use her cultivated friendship with the wife of a miss...

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Bad Hair DayBottom Image Fade

Ep. 204 - Bad Hair Day

Sue witnesses Tara shoot a robber – but as they deal with th...

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Political AgendaBottom Image Fade

Ep. 205 - Political Agenda

When a journalist is murdered, Sue, Jack and the FBI team are ...

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The GamblerBottom Image Fade

Ep. 206 - The Gambler

Sue’s dependence on her hearing dog Levi is threatened when ...

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Into Thin AirBottom Image Fade

Ep. 207 - Into Thin Air

Sue’s next assignment hits closer to home – when she is ca...

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To Grandmother’s House We GoBottom Image Fade

Ep. 208 - To Grandmother’s...

Sue and Lucy take in Lucy’s grandmother after con men swindl...

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The LawyerBottom Image Fade

Ep. 209 - The Lawyer

Sue and the FBI team capture an Al Qaeda leader planning an at...

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The Holocaust SurvivorBottom Image Fade

Ep. 210 - The Holocaust Survivor...

Sue and Jack investigate the claim of a Deaf holocaust survi...

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The MentorBottom Image Fade

Ep. 211 - The Mentor

Sue meets Jack and Bobby’s FBI Mentor (guest star Bruce Weit...

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Rocket ManBottom Image Fade

Ep. 212 - Rocket Man

Sue and Dimitrius put an operative in the field to take down ...

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Elvis Is In The BuildingBottom Image Fade

Ep. 213 - Elvis Is In The Buildi...

Sue and the team must infiltrate an Asian gang, requiring Bobb...

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Hit & RunBottom Image Fade

Ep. 214 - Hit & Run

When the members of a think tank are found dead, Sue and the t...

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Concrete EvidenceBottom Image Fade

Ep. 215 - Concrete Evidence

When Sue and the team get a new lead in an old case involving ...

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The KissBottom Image Fade

Ep. 216 - The Kiss

When Myles’ sister’s law firm is suspected of being dirty,...

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Adventures In BabysittingBottom Image Fade

Ep. 217 - Adventures In Babysitt...

When Sue’s snitch Howie witnesses a murder, Sue and Jack go ...

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The Body ShopBottom Image Fade

Ep. 218 - The Body Shop

When Sue and the team discover a cache of illegal VISAs, they ...

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Skin DeepBottom Image Fade

Ep. 219 - Skin Deep

Sue and the team get word about an upcoming act of Eco-terrori...

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The New MafiaBottom Image Fade

Ep. 220 - The New Mafia

Sue goes undercover with Tony, a visiting FBI agent, in order ...

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The ActorBottom Image Fade

Ep. 221 - The Actor

Sue and the team are ‘shadowed’ by an actor as he prepares...

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Planes, Trains & AutomobilesBottom Image Fade

Ep. 222 - Planes, Trains & ...

Sue and the team track a missing 727 airplane and three missin...

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Simon SaysBottom Image Fade

Ep. 301 - Simon Says

When Sue and the FBI team track a serial murderer whose victim...

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Did She or Didn’t She?Bottom Image Fade

Ep. 302 - Did She or Didn’...

Sue is thrilled to reconnect with a Deaf woman who is an up an...

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The FraternityBottom Image Fade

Ep. 303 - The Fraternity

Sue and the rest of the team investigate the death of a promin...

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Secret Agent ManBottom Image Fade

Ep. 304 - Secret Agent Man

When a mysterious photo memory stick is delivered to the FBI, ...

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Spy GamesBottom Image Fade

Ep. 305 - Spy Games

Sue becomes the only link between the FBI team and a rogue Bri...

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Boy Meets WorldBottom Image Fade

Ep. 306 - Boy Meets World

When Sue, Jack and the team investigate a bomb explosion at a ...

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False ProfitBottom Image Fade

Ep. 307 - False Profit

Sue and Jack investigate the kidnapping of a young woman – b...

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?Bottom Image Fade

Ep. 308 - Who Wants To Be A Mill...

When a drug-laden plane crashes outside of D.C., Sue and the t...

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The Bounty HunterBottom Image Fade

Ep. 309 - The Bounty Hunter

When Sue and the team search for the source of a new designer ...

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Troy StoryBottom Image Fade

Ep. 310 - Troy Story

Sue is shocked to discover her friend Troy (Deaf actor – and...

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Mind GamesBottom Image Fade

Ep. 311 - Mind Games

Sue and the team are approached by a woman who claims she’s ...

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Bad GirlsBottom Image Fade

Ep. 312 - Bad Girls

While investigating a bank robbery, Sue and the team discover ...

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Endings and BeginningsBottom Image Fade

Ep. 313 - Endings and Beginnings...

Sue is offered an exciting new high-profile job at the FBI –...

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