Q  How do I order the official DVDs?

A Just click here or on the BUY link at the top of any page.

Q  Are the DVDs available in stores?

A No, they are currently available only online.

Q  Are the DVDs closed captioned?

A Yes, the DVDs have the option of English subtitles

Q  What Region code are the DVDs?

A They are Region 1 – USA and Canada.

Q  Are there other Region code DVDs available?

A Unfortunately, right now we only have the rights to produce and distribute Region 1 DVDs. We will let you know if this situation changes.

Q  Are the DVDs available outside of the US and Canada?

A Unfortunately, right now we do not have the rights to distribute Region 1 DVDs outside of the US. We will let you know if this situation changes.

Q  Can I have my order shipped to an address different from my billing address?

A Yes. Once you have entered your billing address, click on the ‘Use a different shipping address’ box and enter the shipping address.

Q  How long does it take to get the DVDs?

A It usually takes 7-10 business days for regular mail; shipping to Canada can take longer due to customs. There are also shipping options available, such as Express Mail, for receiving it sooner. You can see all the options once you have entered your information on the Check Out page.

Q  Which episodes are being released?

A All 56 episodes, including the two-hour movie that started it all, have been released and are available here. To see which episodes are on which volumes, go to the Episode Guide.

Q  How many volumes are there?

A There are five volumes.

Q  Can I buy each volume individually?

A Yes – however, you will save money if you buy the Full Set, Volumes 1-5, rather than buying the 5 volumes individually. And if you’ve already bought Volume 1, you can save money by buying the Completer Set, Volumes 2-5, rather than buying the remaining 4 volumes individually.

Q  Can I buy a Full Set of Volumes 1-5?

A Yes – and you will save money buying the Full Set rather than buying the 5 volumes individually.

Q  I already bought Volume 1 – can I buy a set of Volumes 2-5?

A Yes! We call this Completer Set. You will save money buying this Completer Set rather than buying the remaining 4 volumes individually.

Q  Will there be new episodes? Will there be a fourth season? Will there be a movie?

A We are working to finalize funding to make a “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye” movie – stay tuned for updates! Or be the first to know by signing up for our email newsletter here.

Q  I want a picture/poster/an autograph.

A Unfortunately at this time, we are not able to provide pictures, posters or autographs.

Q  I have a question not listed here.

A For customer service and any other questions you have, go here to submit your question.