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Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye

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by Rose on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
I give… LTS!!!! Love this show!

I love this show! My sister and I love watching it together while we do crafts or eat popcorn- it gives us quality family time (to a certain point.. :D) and tons of laughter and suspense. We love quoting lines from the characters- we would love it if you made more!!!!

by JB on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye

I just finished watching Sue Thomas for the first time. When I watch the last episode make me so sad 🙁 that is an excellent show. Thank you so much for those who have produced it. It has not been 10 years since the show left the air. I think it is time for the 10 year reunion, with a new series that follows. However, if the actress who created Sue Thomas is involved with raising her family, I can understand why she has waited. There is nothing more important than families. I

by Noregon on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye

One of the best shows ever! The cast is wonderful and Deanne Bray is fabulous. The writing is what really makes this show such a top notch classic. The cast just fleshes out excellent writing. I would hope that the Johnson Brothers would write more of this kind of high quality scripts.

by Annemarie on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye

I simply love this show. It’s a wonderful show. Just Great and I’m so glad with the internet because that’s the only way for me to be able to follow anything regarding this show. Here in The Netherlands it isn’t on TV anymore and the DVD’s are not available for Europe, I keep hoping that will change in the near future.

by lily rhyme on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
I love Sue Thomas

I really love that television show so much but I want more of 5 stars television show back to life. I love Sue and Jack and Levi

by Lynn Hallam on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Season 1 and 2

I have fallen in love with this show . It has great story line . I can’t stop watching it. I have only been able to see season 1 and 2 . I’m going to have to order the DVD series . I love the show and actors and actress in it . I’m hoping Pure Flix or Feeln will put all episodes on to watch .

by Lori Logothetis on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye

How we love this show! We bought the whole series and have one episode left. We cannot stand the thought of it ending. Please, won’t someone bring it back?! The screening is fantastic, the characters are awesome . We cannot say enough.

by Lynn H on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Sue Thomas FB Eye

I feel in love with this show after watching it on PureFlix. I was determined to find more episodes and more information on this show . I love it. I found more episodes on Feelin . I enjoy every episode . I discovered it was in DVD . I was able to order one DVD of the show . I plan on ordering more. I would like to see this show return . Or do an show when they have Jack and Sue get married . They have strong chemistry on the show . I am so very glad for this show . This was best show on tv. I’m glad for dvds so I can rewatch it .😁😁

by Lana Christian on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Still my favorite series!

Loved the series when it aired on TV. Thrilled to see that at least a couple seasons are available now through venues like FeelN. I bought the entire series and have never gotten tired of watching it. Superbly written, extremely well directed and acted … with drama and humor and always a message of hope despite what could have been very dark content. Can’t say enough good things about the series. YES, please write a reunion–and maybe do a series of installations in the way that Hallmark handled Signed, Sealed and Delivered.

by Claire Playle on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye

This show is AMAZING!!!! The romance is real and the comedy is amazing. It is breath taking how scary being an F.B.I. agent is. Just the way that it is portrayed by the cast is real. The way that Jack protects Sue you can tell he likes her. It shows you that you can really be anything you want. Sue can’t hear when there is a bullet but everybody will try to get her attention to keep her safe. Everyone in that ‘Bull Pen’ cares about each other. You can see the connections within the team. (Oh and by the way Jack and Sue should get married!)

by Emily Lee on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Love Sue Thomas F.B.Eye!!!!

We love sue thomas!!!!! It us our favorite tv show ever!!!
They have to reunite and do a whole bunch more seasons or a really long episode season finale if u cant do a whole season where Jack and Sue get married and maybe have kids or something. They have to use all the old characters, with no subs. Bring back sue thomas! We miss it so much!

by Erika Pankratz on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
A magnificent show

I watched this show from the start and fell in love with it. It has good story lines and is very family friendly. Wish it lasted longer or could come back.

by Illya Leonov on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Television at its finest

I fell in love with this show from the very first episode, which is rare for me. The cast is simply the most wonderful ensemble, and there is a love that shines through from Deanne Bray that I have never seen in any other actress. The high point of my year would be if this series was returned to television.

by Tina on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Favourite Show!

Just finished watching the complete series! My husband and I love this show: the Christian values, great acting and plots, with the humour, drama, suspense, hints of romance! It’s an all-around great show and I am so happy we purchased the DVDs! Would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE for a continuation, and the rumours of a movie coming out would be AMAZING!! Please, please let us know how we, the fans, can support!! Would love if, not only that Jack and Sue would get together, but their marriage would be an example of what a healthy, marriage relationship actually looks like, since that example is completely absent in media now….Thank you for providing great, clean, inspiring entertainment. God bless!

by Mandy on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Wonderful Show

My family and I love this show. I have every episode and love watching them. Would love for there to be more episodes and or movies made.

by Tobbi on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
What a Cast!

Never miss this show and love to tell anyone who hasn’t caught it all about it. Favorite for me is when Levi models for a calendar…would love to get those pictures! My sis and I keep hoping for a reunion show to see where the characters are today. PLEASE! We need this kind of show and miss the cast so much.

by Rebecca K. on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Beautiful Gem of a Show!!

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye is one of the most decent, wonderful, highly valued shows I’ve ever seen! It’s one those rare, precious ones that just warms your heart. Ten years ago, I liked this show so very much but at that time, the only way to keep it was to record on VHS. This year, my family gave me the first volume DVD for my birthday!!!! Deanne Bray as Sue Thomas has always been an inspiration to me. The music touches you, and the chemistry between the actors and actress is fantastic. These characters fear God, they strive and aim to do what’s right, and sometimes go beyond the extra mile to accomplish that or help each other. As a Bible-believing Christian, this show encourages me to have compassion for people, treat them with it, and sometimes try to search a little deeper to find their needs than just what appears on the surface (namely Howie Fines, for example). One of the things I love so, so much about this show is the care and friendship the characters have for each other!! Each one is on the team with a God-given purpose to fulfill, they see each others’ flaws and strengths, they’ve seen each other in thick and thin, but they are always there for each other, NO MATTER WHAT!!!
That is preciously beautiful, and to find truly loyal people like that is rare now.
Their faithfulness to each other is the highlight of the show to me.
This is definitely one of my top favorite shows ever!! It has been an incredible blessing to countless viewers.
God bless Sue Thomas F.B.Eye and all who were involved in creating it! And God bless Sue Thomas. You are definitely an instrument for good in this world.

by PL Nelson on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
SUE THOMAS FB-EYE…Bring it Back! Bring It Back!

I truly miss watching this show. I was heart-broken when the show was cancelled. It was such a riveting and engaging show yet very family-friendly. BRING IT BACK…BRING IT BACK…BRING IT BACK with all the original cast!!!

by Naomi Jossund on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
A+!!! Absolutely Excellent!!!

WE LOVE SUE THOMAS F.B.Eye!!! My family and I fell completely in love with the show from the very first episode! The characters, the spell-binding stories, and the honest “family-friendly” values, work so well together to make this show a favorite in our house. Our DVDs have been watched and re-watched so many times; we can quote entire episodes! Fantastic job! We want more! 🙂

by hawk-Sniper on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
Awesome show miss watching it

i love this show Sue Thomas FB eye

it earns 5 stars for the awesome show

truth is i miss watching it 🙂

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